Craig Caudill

Craig Caudill

Contributing Writer

Craig Caudill is the award-winning Director of Nature Reliance School.  He has led backcountry, survival and leadership programs for the US Military, Corporate work groups and thousands of civilians.


  • Covers survival, gear, and bushcraft skills


Caudill is designated by the US Federal government as a subject matter expert on the topics of survival and man-tracking skills. He is the author of the following: Extreme Wilderness Survival, Ultimate Wilderness Gear, and The Secret Signs of Nature, and the co-author of Author of Essential Wilderness Navigation.


Caudill has a BBA from the University of Kentucky in Statistical Analysis. He is a Certified Master Naturalist from the University of Kentucky and a Level 2 Naturalist through the Kamana Naturalist Program. He has completed man-tracking coursework with Tyr Group, David Scott-Donelan Man-tracking, Hulls Tracking Services and Enhanced Tracking Applications.

Fun Fact

Caudill has endured two different 30-day trips into a wilderness with only a knife.

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