Derek Horner

Derek Horner

Engagement Editor

Derek Horner is the manager of audience development for Field & Stream where he manages the brand’s social accounts and email campaigns, and shares our stories with the world. He was born and raised in central Pennsylvania where his father and grandfather taught him to hunt and fish. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2018 and still lives in central Pennsylvania.


  • Interests include competitive bass fishing, public land hunting opportunities, and bowhunting for whitetail and mule deer.
  • Enjoys spending the spring and summer on the lake chasing largemouth and smallmouth, and filling the freezer in the fall and winter.
  • Previous work experience: content manager for ANGLR Labs


Horner spent his time at Penn State as the captain of the PSU Bass Fishing Team. His time on the team gave him the opportunity to travel the country chasing bass in our many lakes, rivers, and tributaries. While traveling, he was able to work with some fantastic companies in the fishing industry and secured a job at ANGLR Labs after graduation. He worked long hours to get the fishing tech start-up off the ground with a small team and spent his free time on the lake or in the wilderness. After a four-year stint with ANGLR Labs, Derek joined Field & Stream in May 2022, where he manages the brand’s social content, email campaigns, SEO, website design, and marketing analytics.


Derek graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Rehabilitation and Human Services and a minor in Special Education.

Words of Wisdom

Derek’s grandfather once told him, “Devote your life to pursuing your dreams and nothing is impossible.” At the time, Derek was just eight, and unsure what that meant or how it would help him achieve his childhood dreams. Now he’s certain that it helped him get to where he is today.

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