Emily W. Duane

Emily W. Duane

Contributing Writer

Emily W. Duane’s writing career is the result of a twisty occupational path exploring multiple roles and industries. Armed with the desire to combine her enjoyment of the outdoors and her chosen profession as a writer and marketer, she made the move from New Hampshire to Colorado to work in the heart of the outdoor recreation industry. Today, she’s the owner of EWD Copywriting LLC, a small business providing written content in the outdoor industry.


  • Covers hiking and camping.
  • Experience in writing and marketing for outdoor recreation brands.
  • Avid runner who gets nerdy about footwear brands that source materials responsibly.
  • Joined the Field & Stream team in spring 2022 as a sustainability writer.


Duane’s driving force is to educate, entertain, and break down real and perceived barriers to entry to make the outdoors a welcoming and inclusive place for all to enjoy. Her writing helps new and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts become “accidental environmental stewards.” She does this by sharing resources and creating guides to help people make conscious decisions when purchasing apparel, gear, footwear, and accessories for their favorite outdoor adventures.

One of Duane’s stops on her career path was at a trade association in the tree care industry, and she continues to write educational articles on business and marketing topics for arborists and tree care company owners.


Duane graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration with a concentration in international business from the University of New Hampshire’s Manchester campus. She later went on to earn her associate’s of applied science in fashion merchandising management, with a particular interest in textiles.

Favorite Product

Kula Cloth, an antimicrobial pee cloth.

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