H.G. Tapply

Contributing Writer

H.G. Tapply was a mainstay at F&S for nearly four decades. Starting in the early 1950s, he wrote Tap’s Tips for 35 years and in that time saw 2,500 of them published. Although the tips covered everything in the fields and streams, Tap was a quintessential New Englander. He was also a dedicated craftsman who took infinite pains to get each tip perfect 50 words, with not one wasted.

He wrote Tap’s Tips in the basement of his home, on yellow paper, on an old manual typewriter, surrounded by pipe smoke.

Tapply’s son, William G. Tapply, went on to become not only a successful outdoor writer but a noted mystery author as well.

Although expertise was his business, Tap always denied that he was an expert at anything.


  • Covered hunting and fishing
  • Famous for writing short how-to advice known as “Tap’s Tips”

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