Jim Cobb

Contributing Writer

Jim Cobb is a contributing writer for Field & Stream. He is a recognized authority on disaster readiness, and has been involved in preparedness for almost four decades. He’s been writing about survival, prepping, and related topics for more than 10 years, having authored several books. He began contributing to Field & Stream in 2021. Cobb lives in the upper Midwest, and when he’s not out hiking with his wife, he’s spending way too much time and money collecting knives and other survival gear.


  • Editor-in-Chief for Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods Survival Guide magazines
  • Covers survival, preparedness, and gear


Cobb is well-known in the preparedness community. He’s published 10 books and contributed several hundred magazine articles to a wide range of publications. Cobb has also traveled to expos around the country to lead classes on basic preparedness, bug-out planning, and related topics. He’s been featured on TV news programs and been interviewed on dozens of podcasts. Cobb’s approach to prepping-survival planning is rooted in practicality and common sense, free of scare tactics and wild predictions of doom—something that many readers have said that they appreciate.


Cobb attended a few different University of Wisconsin schools, earning an Associate’s Degree and a few credits beyond.

F&S Lightning Round

Favorite Knife Makers: Bark River, Vehement, Dan Tope, White River.
First Survival Manual Ever Read: Life After Doomsday by Dr. Bruce Clayton
Bucket-List Vacation: Piece together old Route 66 and drive it from end to end.

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