Steve Culton

Steve Culton

Contributing Writer

Steve Culton has been writing about fishing since the first grade when he composed an essay about an outing with his father. Since then, Steve’s work has appeared numerous outdoor publications. Steve wears many hats: fly fishing instructor, guide, speaker, fly tyer, freelance writer, husband, father. His fly fishing interests include trout, stripers, steelhead, smallmouth bass, and small stream native brook trout.


  • Expert on wet flies and wet fly fishing
  • Specialist in flatwings and soft hackles for striped bass
  • Nationally known fly fishing speaker


Culton has been fly fishing for decades. In 2010, he said goodbye forever to working in an office, and made fly fishing his regular job. Steve is a teaching guide on the Farmington River, one of the Northeast’s premier tailwaters. His website,, has nearly a thousand followers, and in 2022 it was named one of the 40 Best Fly Tying Blogs & Websites. Steve is passionate about the teaching aspect of fly fishing and tying, and has spoken to thousands of anglers at clubs, expos, shows, and international audiences. He is a frequent speaker and featured tier at the Fly Fishing Show.


Culton received a B.A. in Speech Communications and Political Science from Boston College in 1983. His education continues during every minute spent on the water.

Fun Fact

Steve takes his BBQ, charcoal grilling, and kitchen skills very, very seriously. (Don’t get him started on wine, single malts, and cigars…)

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