solid tactical ammo can
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Mil-spec ammo cans have been a staple among hunters for decades, and for good reason. There are still few better ways to keep your ammo safe from the elements than one of these sturdy metal boxes. The Solid Tactical All-Metal Ammo Can, in particular, is air-tight, waterproof, and tough as nails.

At 11×5.5×7 inches, this ammo box will hold roughly 1,000 .223 rounds, or 200 12-gauge shells. It’s built to last, too, with scratch-proof steel that’s tested on each individual can. Desiccant packs are included, which will suck up any moisture on the off-chance some happens to get in.

On sale for $29 on Amazon, the Solid Tactical All-Metal Ammo Can is a solid deal for any shooting enthusiast.

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