The Spypoint LINK-S Wireless Trail; BUY IT NOW.. Amazon

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Having reviewed a small pile of wireless trail cameras last year, I’m always asked, “which one should I buy?” My answer—9 times out of 10—is Spypoint.

The Canadian company has several affordable, reliable models on the market, yet continues to push the limit of what a wireless camera can do. The new LINK-S is the latest example, with a built-in solar panel for unlimited free power. This is a big deal as the wireless transmission of photos drains batteries much quicker than standard picture taking. The LINK-S also comes with a free data plan, transmitting the first 100 photos at no cost and storing the remainder to the camera’s SD card. Larger plans are available for both Verizon and AT&T networks. The unlimited plan is $25 a month, which you can purchase right through Spypoint, saving a dreaded call to your cell company’s customer service center. (“What? You’re setting up what?”)

The LINK-S is also the first wireless camera to run on LTE, so transmission is faster (and possible) in more remote places. As far as standard camera features go, it has a blazing fast 0.07 second trigger, 12 megapixel images, fast recovery speed, a 70-foot detection range, and decent night flash. At $450, the LINK-S is not cheap, but it comes with several freebies, bleeding edge technology, and it’s extremely easy to set up. That all makes it an excellent option for new or seasoned wireless trail cam users. BUY IT NOW.