Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Seat Cover

A good pet seat cover keeps your truck clean, your dog safe and your marriage intact.

Dog in car sitting on dog seat cover.
Keep your best friend comfortable and your seat covers protected.Anvesh

Your truck is probably your biggest investment other than your house. Your dog is your best buddy, other than your spouse. A good pet seat cover not only protects your truck and your dog; it also helps keep things clean for whoever else might be riding shotgun. If this isn’t on a list of top ten strategies for great marriages, it surely ought to be.

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No Fuss, No Mess

This model is easy to install and clean.VIEWPETS

Muddy water and pawprints, burrs, hitch-hikers and come-alongs as well as dog hair can be controlled with a treated seat cover made of a durable material designed to shed dirt. Check to be sure it’s waterproof or resistant if your dog is likely to travel after a swim.

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Thorough Topper

This model extends farther than many other designs to protect as much as possible.Vailge

An easily removable pet seat cover makes it a breeze to keep your truck clean. This is sure to be appreciated by anyone forced to ask Rover to move over. Shop carefully to choose the size (matching your dog) and style (bench, bucket, hammock or cargo liner) that fits your truck and your needs best.

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Tough Material

This model has triple-layered insulation for comfort.URPOWER

Pet seats with securable clips or harnesses can keep your dog safe as well as comfortable. Safety harnesses should be adjustable to fit the size of your dog and keep him from tumbling during an emergency braking or collision.