colt single action army revolver
This beautiful Colt Single Action Army .22 dates back to 1900. From Jason

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In production since 1873, with a few interruptions (World War II, for instance), the Colt Single Action Army is as prized by collectors now as it was relied upon by the soldiers, cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws of the west. Designed for the government’s service revolver trials in 1872, it won, and was adopted as the U.S, military’s sidearm until 1892. The .45-caliber SAA was succeeded by the Colt 1892 and was famously re-issued during the Philippine Insurrection when the .38 caliber 1892s couldn’t stop charging Moros.

Today’s gun dates from around that same era, although it seems to have a much more peaceful career.

Jason’s Single Action Army .22

According to Colt records, this old Single Action Army started life as a .45 shipped to A. Baldwin & Company in New Orleans, Louisiana, in October, 1900. At some point in time, it was converted to .22 LR with an added .22 mag cylinder. The engraving was done by Dick Gaillard for my grandfather Jay Moore of McAllen, Texas. After grandad passed, the pistol made its way to me. It is the jewel in my collection and just too beautiful to shoot. These days it stays oiled and cushioned remembering back to the days of its youth.

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