Old shotguns like this Tobin haven't aged out of the turkey woods. Courtesy of Mike

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Back in March we posted a Tobin shotgun, the high-grade double gun briefly made in the U.S., and then Canada. The Tobin was a new one on me, and it generated a few different inquiries, including one from a first cousin twice removed of Frank Major Tobin, who was hoping to find a Tobin to buy.

Anyway, our original poster, Mike, mentioned that the full-choke Tobin Model 70 trap gun he’s been refurbishing would be a terror in the turkey woods. The other week he sent me these pictures, proving that his gun not only terrifies turkeys, it kills them, too. I’m posting this because I am always glad to see old guns in the field. They were made to be used, not kept under glass. Writes Mike:

Hi Phil, Tobin: 1, Turkey: Zero. Here’s a picture of my weapons (Tobin, box call, and even old-school Coke Classic) of choice and the victim, who weighed 28 lbs. on a digital scale. No decoys, no blinds, just camo and eight hours of patience.

The Tobin, a box call, and a Coke Classic. Courtesy of Mike

Congratulations, Mike, and thanks for sharing. That’s a huge turkey and I am even more impressed by the “eight hours of patience” part.

I like posting pictures like this one to show it’s possible to kill a turkey without a 3 ½ inch, plastic-stocked, camo, custom-choked, scoped shotgun, like, well, like the one I shoot, come to think of it. If you keep your shots to reasonable ranges, you can shoot turkeys with all kinds of good old guns.

Finally, I’m running this because the Blasts from the Past inventory needs some new pictures. I really enjoy running Blasts from the Past. I learn a lot from it, I like the family stories that come with so many of these guns, and I like giving readers the spotlight, too.

But the well is running low, if not dry, and I need more. So, please send your old gun pictures (the definition of “old” is very flexible here) to fsgunnuts@gmail.com