Kerribeth Bahr; muskox bikini; Alaska clothing; fur

Every year during the Iditarod, bars in Nome, Alaska, put on a range of contests to draw customers. Look, it’s Alaska. Things sometimes get a little strange. So, in addition to “conventional” bar contests like a women’s wet T-shirt contest, there’s also a men’s wet buns contest (David E. Petzal has entered five times but has yet to place). And, just to keep things interesting, there’s a make-your-own-bikini-from-stuff-you-wouldn’t-ordinarily-wear-as-clothing contest. That one, thankfully, is for women only.

Last year, according to Women’s Outdoor News (scroll to bottom of page), Kerribeth Bahr, a hunter who works as a mechanic for an airline in Nome, put together a bikini out of aircraft aluminum and other scrap material from her job. I haven’t seen it, but any women who hunts, fixes airplanes, and can rivet herself a bathing suit is my kind of gal. (Is “gal” totally sexist yet? Something tells me you could get locked up for saying the word aloud in California, especially if you were found to have lead worm weights in your pocket.)

This year, Ms. Bahr took the contest to a whole new level. Having drawn and filled a muskox tag, she decided to enter this year’s contest in—you guessed it—a muskox bikini. Using a box knife, she cut pieces of hide, sewed them together with waxed dental floss, and used a bit of bear fur donated by a friend for adornment. She finished the off-the-shoulder outfit with a Viking-esque cap featuring the animal’s horns, knee-high fur leggings, and fur bracelets. She reportedly needed a couple of gin and tonics to get her courage up, then came out to show off the outfit.

I think she looks pretty hot. What do you think?

Kerribeth Bahr photo from Women’s Outdoor News