walleye; teeth; fish teeth

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The male organ is a wonderful thing. But it is not the most durable of body parts. You would never use it as a shim while leveling a stove or pool table. It should not be used to repair a toaster, vacuum cleaner, or chainsaw. Nor should you attempt to balance your entire body weight on your penis, even to win a bet in a bar.

Also—and you might have thought this went without saying—resist the temptation to use it as a lure for any toothy fish.

An internet video like this one is a powerful thing:


I don’t, for example, understand the language spoken, but I’m all but certain that what the guy says to the camera before wading in is some version of the redneck epitaph, “Hey, watch this!” And even though video is a visual medium, you can almost smell the alcohol. The written word simply can’t compete.

Kids, do not try this yourselves. Remember, safety first. Dare someone older to do it.

Photo by OakleyOriginals