Whitetail Hunting photo

Over the years, I’ve encountered more trespassers than I care to remember, including several repeat offenders who just didn’t get it. But I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed what a hunter from Atlanta, Georgia, encountered on the way to his treestand two weeks ago—a naked man wandering the woods.

Hunter Casey Sanders was almost to his treestand on October 2, when he heard someone yelling. He followed the screams to the bottom of a creek bed, where he saw a naked man holding a walking stick. Not knowing the nature of the situation, Sanders took out his phone and began recording their tense conversation. “If I was to get hurt or something, I wanted other people to know what happened,” said Sanders, who later posted the video on YouTube.

The man claimed he was robbed and beaten at TomorrowWorld, a music festival in Chattahoochee Hills, and was then left in the woods. When he came to his senses, he said, he had no idea where he was and spent four days trying to find his way out. Fortunately, the disorientated and dehydrated nude man remembered a phone number—his girlfriend’s—and when Sanders dialed it, the voicemail greeting stated that she was looking for the man and asked anyone with information to leave a message. In the meantime, Sanders shared his food and water with him. “He asked me not to call the cops because he said he didn’t have insurance, and he knew they would take him to an ambulance or hospital,” Sanders added. He led the man to the road, where his girlfriend eventually arrived to pick him up—with some clothes for him to wear on the drive home.

TheBlaze.com later reached out to the naked man—who agreed to be on the record as “Carl”—and discovered that he’d changed his story. He admitted to taking a nasty mix of illicit drugs at the music festival and needing attention at the event’s medical tent. When someone tried to insert an IV in his arm, he went berserk, and eventually ended up near Sanders’ treestand with no recollection of how he got there. “I said what I said in the video because I was really afraid that Casey was going to shoot me and I was trying to explain myself,” he said with a nervous chuckle. “It’s not exactly something [that I was high on drugs] I want to tell somebody with a loaded bow.” Carl sent photos of his foot injuries to The Blaze.com to prove he was wandering the woods for days.

Carl says he is done with drugs, for good. Sanders says he has the best hunting story ever.