Congress Passes Electronic Duck Stamp Bill

In another move to update Federal Duck Stamp legislation, after passing a bill to raise the price from $15 to $25 earlier this month, Congress gave its OK to the Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act. The bill, which now awaits the President’s signature, will allow outdoorsmen to obtain a duck stamp online and immediately use the online proof of purchase to hunt waterfowl, while their paper stamps are mailed. After 45 days, the hunter must show the traditional paper stamp, according to a Ducks Unlimited press release.

Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi and Rep. Rob Wittman of Virginia sponsored the bill in the Senate and House, respectively, after trial programs were successful in making the online purchase of duck stamps possible in several states, reports McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.

For every dollar paid for a duck stamp, 98 cents goes to wetlands habitat conservation and protection. The stamp also serves as an entrance pass to federal wildlife refuges that charge admission.

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