Coyote Hunting photo

A pack of coyotes helped authorities capture a fugitive in western Illinois last week. Daniel Rice, 21, escaped custody last Monday after being transferred to from Iowa’s Muscatine County Jail to a local hospital, where he was handcuffed to a bed while awaiting treatment for a heart-related condition. Rice managed to pull his hand through the cuff, slip past the transport guard, and escape. He was wearing only a hospital gown when he fled, but he lost the garment during the foot chase that followed.

According to the Quad-City Times, Rice was brought back in on Wednesday night, after dispatchers received a report of two men being chased by a pack of coyotes in Loud Thunder Forest Preserve near Illinois City. Police say Rice made the 911 call using an assumed name. Responding deputies recognized him by his description and the pacemaker scars on his chest, and they arrested him. He is being held on $50,000 bond on previous charges of theft, criminal mischief, and burglary, as well as a new charge for escaping from custody.