Hunting Dogs photo

Last week, a few good Samaritans helped put a happy ending on a terrible situation for a Colorado hunter and his wife after thieves stole his trailer—and his four pointers locked inside.

FOX affiliate KRQE reports that retired teacher Larry Mills and his wife were driving home from a hunt in Arizona last Thursday when they stopped at a Comfort Inn in Albuquerque to rest. At some point during the night, however, thieves unhitched Mills’s dog trailer from his truck and swiped it. “I looked out the window heading down the stairs and my trailer was not on my pickup,” Mills said.

Fortunately, later that day, when news of the theft was broadcast on television, a few area residents recognized the trailer and called the station before the broadcast had even ended. Michael Houston said that he saw the trailer early that morning near his home, but he didn’t know whom it belonged to until the story aired at 5:30 p.m. “My wife, Dolores, goes, ‘I’ve seen that trailer,’ and I said, ‘Are you sure that’s it?’ and she was absolutely sure, and she was right,” Houston said.

Soon after, Mills was reunited with his slightly damaged trailer and his dogs, which were hungry and thirsty but unharmed. The rest of Mills’s belongings, including guns inside the trailer, were not missing. “I was shaking and my wife was starting to cry,” Mills told KRQE. “They’re not just hunting dogs, they are our family. It restores a lot of faith in the people when stuff like this happens.”

The story doesn’t mention who might’ve committed the theft.