Survival photo

Earlier this month, three men in Alaska making their way to the abandoned bus made famous by the book and film Into The Wild required rescue from firefighters after one hiker injured himself with an ax.

According to a story from the Fairbanks News Miner, on August 6th, Matthew Peot, Thomas Young, and Kenneth Young were on the Stampede Trail 180 miles north of Anchorage, but couldn’t cross the Teklanika River because it was too high. They elected to camp for a few days to see if the waters receded enough to allow crossing when Thomas Young tripped and injured himself with an ax.

The men requested help with a SPOT locator. Members of the Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department responded and transported them to the town of Healy on ATVs.

The remote bus was the temporary home of Christopher McCandless before he starved to death in 1992. The latest rescue is one of several failed pilgrimages to the site of McCandless’ demise by those inspired by the book and movie based on his life. Four years ago a Swiss woman drowned while trying to cross the same river.

Photo adapted from Guarav Mishra,