Jesse Kauffman's hoisted school bus deer stand (Courtesy of <a href="">KARE news</a>)
Jesse Kauffman's hoisted school bus deer stand (Courtesy of KARE news).
<em>Jesse Kauffman's ultimate deer stand—a school bus.</em>

Hunter Turns School Bus Into A Deer Stand

Jesse Kauffman’s ultimate deer stand—a school bus.

Wisconsin hunter Jesse Kauffman has built a deluxe deer stand for himself—and perhaps 71 buddies. Kauffman recently hoisted a 72-seater school bus and planted it atop an old gas-station fuel tank.

“This is making do with what you’ve got,” Kauffman told KARE. “This is what we had to work with. Different. Nobody else has got one, that’s for sure.”

KARE reports that, back in the day, Jesse’s father turned a camper into a deer stand, and Jesse felt that he had to one-up him. “I guess when [my dad] told me I couldn’t get it up here, I was bound and determined to,” Kauffman added. “I didn’t care if we had to get a twin rotor helicopter, I was going to get a bus up here.”

Turns out, Kauffman didn’t need a chopper. As the owner of an excavation company, he had all the tools he needed. He used a bulldozer to push the bus up a ramp onto the fuel tank. An old hay-bale elevator serves as stairs up to the stand, and every window opens to various shooting angles. Best of all, the stand can accommodate Kauffman’s entire family. “That’s what deer hunting is about anyway,” he said. “Spending time with your family.”

Kauffman has created a Facebook page for the deer stand, which you can see here.