Whitetail Hunting photo

For many hunters, using technology to scout for game pays off, but not for three men from southeastern Idaho, who’ve been stripped of their hunting privileges after using a powered parachute to get the drop on deer. Authorities responded to a report of the low-flying parachute in the Mud Lake Wildlife Management Area in October, and found one of the men trying to spot deer from the sky and radio his two buddies on the ground about where to locate the animals.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game declared the use of aircraft to locate game to be against Idaho Code, according to the Archery Wire. Officials also found that one of the men was not holding a deer tag.

All three pleaded guilty to charges on Monday and were fined $500—$400 of which is suspended while they perform one year of probation—plus court costs. A ten-day jail sentence was also suspended, but their hunting rights have been revoked for one year.

To get an idea of how close a powered parachute can get to wildlife on the ground, watch this video taken by YouTube user Glenn Tupper while trying to photograph mule deer in 2010.