Survival photo

Park Rangers issued a warning to an Alabama man who shot his gun to summon help for his injured son inside Glacier National Park last Sunday, according to The Missoulian.

Park spokesperson Sarah Grieg said the father and son were descending Mount Siyeh when a boulder dislodged and hit the son, causing him to tumble 200 feet. He received lacerations to his head and chin as well as other injuries.

“In an attempt to summon aid, the father waved his arms while yelling,” Grieb reported. “He then fired one gunshot toward a solid surface to indicate that an emergency was occurring.”

Hikers heard the yelling and shots and park personnel were able to meet the injured man and transport his son to West Glacier where a waiting ambulance took him to Valley Hospital in Whitefish, Montana.

While it’s been legal to carry firearms inside national parks since 2010, it remains illegal to fire one inside Glacier. It’s the second time this summer a visitor fired a gun inside Glacier. On July 26th, a Texas man shot and likely wounded a bear he says was charging him, though that incident remains under investigation.