Black Bear Hunting photo

Some critics are saying that Backcountry, a new film released two weeks ago, “does for the woods what Jaws did for the ocean.”

Our guess is that those critics have never been in the woods.

Filmed in northern Ontario and marketed as a “wilderness survival thriller,” the limited-release movie is reportedly based on the true story of a couple that was savagely attacked by what the director called a “predatory” black bear about ten years ago. The story follows two unprepared and under skilled people that become disorientated in the woods and the target of a man-eating bruin, not unlike Bart the Bear’s craving for human flesh in The Edge (1997).

“There’s never been a black bear attack movie, ever. Ever,” director Adam MacDonald said in a story from “So I wanted to be the first and do it in a way that makes you feel like its really happening. It’s not a marauding bear. It’s not a bear that can flip a car over. It’s just the real deal.”

So far, the idea of a black bear as a killer, even though the animals aren’t considered as aggressive as brown or polar bears, doesn’t bother viewers and the film has received surprisingly positive reviews.

But what do you think — can a black bear make as good of a movie monster as a grizzly or great white?