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TrackingPoint says their new product ShotGlass, touted as the first “weapon-integrated digital shooting glasses,” will provide shooters with a wearable, wireless connection to the company’s precision-guided scopes. The high-tech spectacles zoom in on targets, record audio and video, and allow a shooter with a compatible scope to shoot around corners. “ShotGlass is similar to Google Glass but optimized for shooting sports,” says TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher in a release about the product launch. ShotGlass will be available next March, and will retail for $995.

The shooting glasses project the view through a TrackingPoint scope as a display on the lenses, while still allowing the wearer to see normally. The shooter no longer needs to look through the scope to see where the rifle is aimed. In fact, the shooter doesn’t even have to be the one wearing the glasses.

What does all this mean for the future of shooting? Soldiers with a ShotGlass-linked weapon would be able to fire aimed shots from behind walls or around corners without exposing themselves to enemy fire. In the field, guides would be able to see the view through their client’s scope to make sure the client is shooting at the right animal, and to make corrections in aim.

TrackingPoint’s compatible scope, developed in 2010, measures range, computes holdover, then tags the target, locking onto it when the trigger is pulled and only firing when the reticle is properly aligned for the shot.