Bass Fishing photo

The hum of a floatplane, the nervous fretting of a newbie on her first wilderness trip, and the warnings of a veteran outfitter over a class IV rapids: These are all soundbites you’ll hear in Field & Stream’s very first podcast.

Check out the first episode a 7-part series that follows our paddle trip through Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park — a massive wilderness area spanning more than 1 million acres along the Minnesota/Ontario border.

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Quetico is a special place, with crystal-clear water, old-growth forests, and plenty of wild, native gamefish. Our hope is to capture the spirit of adventure that draws us to such a place and deliver it straight to your smartphone or desktop.

A quick note: There were no guides or professional outdoorsmen on this trip. We’re just normal dudes who really like to fish, camp, and explore. So, bear with us on our missteps and celebrate our small victories. If you like what you hear, download episode 2 from iTunes next Monday or find it right here on