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When it comes to buying hunting and fishing gear, it can be hard to determine which brands to trust. Fortunately, two North Carolina sportsmen are hoping to shed light on the situation. In April, Adam Whitehead and Will Kornegay launched The Sportsman’s Box, which ships hunting and fishing products right to outdoorsmen’s doorsteps.

Each month, Whitehead, Kornegay, and contributor Courtney Smith test hunting and fishing gear, apparel, and food, and then send the best products to subscribers. Boxes can be individualized based on subscriber preferences, and tailored to upcoming hunting or fishing seasons.

“We want to be able to bring new products to sportsmen that they haven’t heard of or that will help them stay prepared throughout the season,” Kornegay said.

The first box was sent out on July 11. For $29 a month, basic members received a UST 5½-inch field saw; all-natural, gluten-free beef jerky from Field Trip; and LidsLash, an eyeglasses holder for hats. For $39 a month, premium members got those items plus a 16-ounce Nalgene water bottle and a 9-ounce can of Sawyer Permethrin. This month’s themed-upgrade—which costs an additional $20—was a Red Rock Rover Sling Pack. That’s more than $100 worth of products, which makes the $59 subscription fee, for a premium membership plus the upgrade, seem pretty reasonable.


Right now the company only ships to the contiguous U.S., but it hopes to expand service to Canada in the future, Whitehead said.