Hunting Dogs photo

File photo courtesy of Mindy Erdmann/Flickr

A man in China who adopted a pair of puppies from Vietnam two years ago recently admitted he always thought his pets were a little “different” as the animals matured, but it wasn’t until he saw a leaflet about endangered Asian black bears that he realized he was caring for two bruins.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Wang Kayui says he bought the pair after being told they would make good watchdogs. Kayui groomed both animals every day and said they were well behaved but had recently begun acting strange—they killed chickens, had huge appetites, and weighed about 100 pounds each.

Soon after, he recognized the likeness of his “pets” on a warning issued by the country’s public security bureau. Realizing the bears were a category 2 protected species in China, Kayui handed them over to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center on June 30.

Populations of Asian black bears are categorized as vulnerable because of deforestation and hunting. The United International Press reported that officials with the animal rescue center said the bears, one female and one male, are in good health and that the agency is searching for a more suitable, permanent home.