Predator Hunting photo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sneak through high-desert grass and take down big game on the wild plains of Africa? Well, this video, posted to GoPro’s YouTube channel last week, will allow you to experience the hunt through the eyes of a top predator.

The clip shows a lioness, known to animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson and his crew as Meg, taking down a waterbuck with a camera mounted to her back. Richardson told the Daily Record that he’s been accepted into several hyena clans and lion prides in South Africa, to the point where he’s able to attach cameras to the animals.

Although Richardson’s cloying calls to the lion are slightly annoying, the video he’s captured is amazing. You can see the lion’s shoulder muscles working in stealth mode, and the takedown is quick and silent—well, except for the screams from a dying waterbuck.