Elk Hunting photo

According to Fox 31, a Colorado family visiting Estes Park, north of Denver, had a close call with an elk this weekend. Matt Dixon was driving through the park with his wife and two kids when a bull elk rammed the side of their car, puncturing the driver-side door and tearing off the side-view mirror.

Dixon, a hunter, is familiar with elk behavior and had known to stay far from the animals. “We were trying to keep our distance,” he told Fox 31. “We don’t want to teach the kids to go up to [elk] and take pictures. They’re wild animals.”

The Dixons’ car was about 40 yards from an elk herd when the bull charged. The family had rolled down the car windows to hear the elk bugle, and just one of the vehicle’s side supports kept the animal from doing more damage. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.