Big Game Hunting photo

Photograph courtesy of Christy Kroboth/Facebook

“Godzilla”—a 12-and-a-half-foot, 800-pound alligator—was caught by trappers after it lumbered into a shopping-center parking lot near Houston on Saturday. Gator trapper Christy Kroboth, a dental hygienist by day, received a call from police early Saturday morning. “The call came in as a 7-foot alligator, and I thought, ‘I’ll snatch it up before coming to my real job,'” Kroboth told the Houston Chronicle. Instead, it took Kroboth and members of the Sugar Land Police Department more than three hours to catch the huge alligator. After it was subdued, it had to be raised by a forklift into a pickup bed.

Chris Stephens, another trapper who assisted in the ordeal, told KHOU: “This is Godzilla. Honest to God, that was my first reaction. I catch a lot of alligators; this one is on the top of the list. He’s big.”

Kroboth told the Houston Chronicle that the alligator probably lived in Oyster Creek, just behind the shopping center. “He probably came out looking for a snack, then daylight came too quickly, and he got turned around,” Kroboth told the Chronicle, adding that the alligator was blind in one eye. Kroboth said it will live the rest of its days at a gator farm.