Predator Hunting photo

When it comes to human encroachment and wild animals, how close is too close? Is it enough space to let the animal feel comfortable? Is it enough space for a person to feel comfortable? And what happens if things go bad?

Those are a few questions being raised by a YouTube video from Beth-Ann Colebourne who recently confronted a wild lynx outside a nail salon in Terrace Bay, Ontario. Rather than give the obviously out-of-place and seemingly annoyed critter some space, Colebourne moves closer to better film the encounter.

While lynx seem relatively harmless, they’re spunky for their size which has some viewers wondering why Colebourne risked injury by getting so close to the wild creature, let alone trying to lure it closer by calling “kitty, kitty, kitty”? (We hunters know she would have probably done better with a rabbit distress call).