Trout Fishing photo

Without going into much detail (I’d hate to ruin the surprise), we have something special planned for our May 2015 issue of Field & Stream, including a section about young hunters and anglers. So we’re reaching out to you—our readers—for photos of your kids enjoying the outdoors. They could be hunting, fishing, shooting at the range, camping—whatever. As long as they’re outside and having fun, that’s all that matters.

Now, we can’t promise we’ll have room to include every photo we receive in the magazine, but we’ll do our best to fit as many as possible—so feel free to send us as many photos as you can find. Email your snapshots to me at

Oh, and the kid holding the seatrout in the photo above? That’s yours truly—c. 1991 would be my best guess—during a family vacation to Hilton Head Island, S.C. I would’ve loved to have been in F&S back then. Please, if you don’t mind, keep the jokes about my awesome bowl cut to a minimum.

Thanks for your help, and I hope you enjoy the May 2015 issue later this spring!