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As a walk-in hunter, I have a problem, and it’s one I suspect many of you may share: I don’t have quite enough hands. That is, not enough to carre a bucket, a gun, a mojo pole, decoys, and a blind bag. Also, I tire quickly of carry straps that dig into my neck or slide off my shoulder. The Sitka Full Choke pack is the answer to my problems, and possibly yours. A backpack with a waist strap, it holds all my shells, snacks, drinks, a Mojo teal, and anything else I want to take in with me in three long, roomy, zippered compartments on one side. The other side is reinforced with extra material so it becomes the bottom of the bag when you get to your spot and set it in the mud.

This is the new, improved version. The old version, which I still use as my dove bag, absorbed water like Kleenex, a terrible trait in a bag designed for hunting waterfowl. The new Full Choke is made of water-resistant material and is much more marsh-proof.


Capacity: 1700 cu. In.

Body: 900 denier Cordura with waterproof inner coating

Camo: OptiFade Additional Features: Game straps, removable belt, hideaway shoulder straps, and waterproof zippers


You can comfortably carry lots of gear and the three pockets let you keep your stuff separated and organized. It has convenient carry handles on the top and on one side, and a loop for hanging on branches. I set this bag in a puddle in my backyard during a serious downpour and after 20 minutes, everything inside was still dry.

As with all Sitka gear, the Full Choke carries a hefty price tag. Also, while it’s not easy to see into any blind bag in the dark, it’s even harder to see into this one due to the shape and depth of the pockets.

The Bottom Line

If you, like me, walk a long way to your ducks and don’t know the meaning of “travel light,” this pack is worth its price.