Striped Bass Fishing photo

Big day on Saturday. I tie the knot. So first and foremost, I just wanted to let everyone know not to expect to hear from me for a while. As of Tuesday, I’ll be in Turks & Caicos for my honeymoon. I really look forward to romantic sunset strolls, frosty pina coladas, snorkeling, and…let me see…what else? Oh yeah. Bonefish. Lots and lots of bonefish.


That’s my fiance Christen in the photo above during what remains my proudest moment in our relationship (so far). Armed with a pink rod and green rain boots, she chucked metals like a pro during her first surf-fishing outing a few years ago and beached bluefish after bluefish on her own. Has she since become a die-hard angler? Not even a little. But she will lay on the beach for hours and I will fish on the beach for hours, so we’ve got a good thing going. Sit her on a beach connected to a bonefish flat, and we’re both happy campers.

We’re at that point of scrambling to tie up last-minute loose ends before the show starts. There is much to do. But last night, I shirked all wedding-related chores and did what I do best. I went fishing (with Christen’s blessing, no lie). I went all alone to the same spot where that bluefish was caught. I just needed a final night of quiet reflection. Not because I’m nervous to get married, but starting tonight, tuxes need picking up, out of town relatives will begin to arrive and the chaos of which guest ordered chicken but got steak will begin.

I even got into some good striper action, which made the night that much sweeter. They should be right where I left them when I get back. So I’ll report on all happenings upon my return. And you can bet I’ve worked some fish-related fun into my reception, but I’ll keep you guessing until I’ve got the pictures. Catch you in two weeks. – JC