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Fishing Gear photo


Fly fishers are usually pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. We like to literally wear our sport… from the Sage baseball cap to the sweatshirt from far-off Alaskan lodge, the angler’s wardrobe usually includes more than a few signs of “I fish” and/or “been there done that.”

As such, I’ve recently added two new favorites to my fly fishing T- shirt collection:

The “Steelhead Your Face” fishy take on an old Grateful Dead icon…

And this “in your face” take on the evolution of the modern fisher- man. (Hold the hate mail, spin fishers, I love fishing with conventional gear as much as anyone… but I do think this is witty.)

What do you think? Do you have a favorite element in your “fishy” wardrobe? By the way, you can buy the steelhead shirt here, and the evolution shirt here, respectively.