Fishing Conservation photo

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting production stills and marketing material up in Wyoming for the good folks at The Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming. It was a hoot. The cast and crew were all top notch and the fish definitely cooperated for the guides from the Crazy Rainbow Lodge. More on that later…

Just before I arrived, one of the guides found the craziest bird’s nest I’ve ever seen. It was made completely out of fishing line, and it was simultaneously beautiful and horrible. It was hard to tell if it was all flouro or mono, and there was a number of flies woven into the mess. It was well-crafted and some bird was probably bummed that it was taken down. I’m not at all up to snuff on my bird-nest identification skills, but I’m curious if anyone out there can tell what type of bird made this, or if they’ve seen anything like this before?

The nest is a good reminder for all of us to pick up tag ends, loose tippet, and leaders we think just disappear into the ether when they blow out of our hands or get dropped into the water.