Fisheries Conservation photo

Back in November of 2014 Kirk eluded to a little film that I was involved in that included some major heavy weights from the outdoor and fishing industry called Co2ld Waters. Why I was included on this list I’ll never quite understand. Putting a semi-balding, half-ass fly caster in a film that was in the fly fishing film tour was confounding to me, but I went along with it because of the folks I was lucky enough to rub shoulders with and share a day fishing in an amazing place.

That, and the fact that the film is wrapped around the theme of fishing and what climate change is going to mean for the sport that we all love. That is something near and dear to my heart and something I can get behind. Especially now that I have a little one. I worry more about what we’re leaving her than what it’s going to mean for me. While not one for self promotion, as that’s not what this film is about, I did feel the need to share it here. It’s not really offering a solution, but that wasn’t the point. Deep down I know that we as individuals can have very little impact on this issue, but as a whole, if we speak up as sportsmen we can move the needle with government and people that matter. That will most likely be the only way forward. Why this whole issue is so contentious is beyond me, but I’m gonna hang it out there and post here. Watch the film, feel free to share your thoughts and pass it along if you also feel strongly about the issue.