Fly Fishing photo

Anyone who’s read this blog long enough knows that I love rowing boats as much as, if not more than fishing. The two for me at this point are completely intertwined and cannot be separated even if I wanted them to be. I know that’s not necessarily true for all people, but I do believe that anyone who fishes long enough begins to want to understand boating and vice versa. That’s why after watching the movie The Important Places I felt I had to share it. The story is a, “short film about the connection between a father and son, and the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The film explores the growth of these two men, through different stages of their lives, and how the thread woven between them, the Colorado River, brought them back the most important place of all.”

While the story is about rowing a boat through the Grand Canyon the message easily resonates with anglers, hunters and anyone who enjoys their “special places” outside. Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes out of your day to watch this movie. Just be sure to have a couple of tissues nearby…