This fall I was lucky enough to hang out with an all-star group of anglers and ardent conservationists at the Damdochax River Lodge, in northern BC, while filming a little movie about steelhead. (You may recall reading about Hannah Belford and her mom’s place from a piece I did way back in 2009 called A Homestead for Steelhead.) The movie, titled Chrome, perfectly captures the agony and ecstasy of steelheading when, after days of trying, Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis hooks up on his first steelhead. His sheer joy is something most any angler can relate to, and that moment is one of the most uplifting 10 seconds of fishing video I’ve ever seen.

We were all there to help shoot the film for Conservation Hawks, an organization that pushes for politicians to listen to anglers and hunters about climate change. You can watch the whole movie on the Fly Fishing Film Tour. And, should you be inclined to help further the cause, you can sign a petition asking the U.S. Congress and President Obama to protect our steelhead and salmon by passing legislation that promotes clean energy, eliminates fossil-fuel subsidies, and dramatically reduces America’s CO2 emissions—all of which help protect the cold, clean water that these fish need to survive, as well the habitats of other wildlife.

CHROME – Official Trailer from Conservation Hawks on Vimeo.