Video: Spring Runoff Safety

It seems like every spring I do one of these videos, so pardon me if I sound like a broken record. It’s important though, with runoff filling river ways all over the country right now—to be safe when heading out in your boat or even wade fishing the first couple times of the year.

Rule One: Check the flows and weather before you head out.

Rule Two: Do not EVER put your boat in water you do not feel comfortable rowing.

Rule Three: Make sure you have all necessary equipment, such as throw bag, flip lines, chicken line, PFD, oar tethers, spare oar, rescue knife, etc…

Rule Four: Stay calm should you get yourself stuck in a hole (like me here) or any other potentially life threatening situation. The calmer you are the better chance you have of getting yourself or someone else out of a bad situation.

Rule Five: Never ever boat alone. You can’t see him in the video above, but my buddy was no more than 10 feet from me on another boat with a throw bag should I have needed a tow out or a rescue.

Rule Six: HAVE FUN!