Salmon & Steelhead Fishing photo

This weeks sign that the apocalypse is upon us – Whooshh fish transport system.

This machine from Whooshh Innovations sucks adult salmon 120 feet through a tube removing said fish from the river. The machine in the video you see here is removing hatchery salmon from a certain NW river system, and protecting wild salmon spawning grounds from the hatchery mutants.

Don’t read into the title too much, I’m all for wild fish and almost sorta wish there were giant vacuums all over the pacific NW sucking up every last hatchery brat out there, but the fact that it has actually come to this has me a little depressed. I mean we’ve screwed up the whole salmon thing so bad, that we’re now relying on giant vacuum tubes to rid sensitive salmon spawning of the frankenfish we created?

C’mon man! That’s absurd.