Pheasant Hunting photo

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Occasionally we have discussed hunting vehicles in this space. Photographer Dave Tunge sent me this picture of his “hunting truck,” a Piper Super Cub. “The Super Cub is a poor man’s helicopter,” he told me. “I can land almost anywhere with it.” He uses flotation tires inflated to just 6-8 psi (“like pillows”) he says, that allow him to roll over rocks the size of softballs and ruts in the fields without feeling them.

With birds scarce around Yankton, Tunge is able to reach farms in better pheasant areas 150 to 200 miles away in a short time. He lands right in the field, hunts, and flies home. His 15-month old Lab loves to fly as well.

He rarely spots pheasants from the air. “If I do see them they are running for cover,” he says. “To them the plane is like a giant hawk.” Perhaps it’s with that thought in mind Tunge often blows a hawk call as he hunts, believing it makes birds sit tight.

Finally, since this is a shotgun blog, Tunge’s pheasant gun of choice is a 28-gauge Ruger Red Label loaded with Federal Premium 7-1/2s and 6s. While some may think that’s too light for wild birds, I would not be one of them, as I used to hunt pheasants with the same gun and ammo.

Thanks to Dave for sending me this picture, and I wonder if anyone else here has an airborne hunting vehicle.