Big Game Hunting photo

As I bring FSHuntress to a close, I want to thank you again for your wonderful participation in the women’s blog, and for your support over the last week. I hope we’ll channel the enthusiasm for the online community we’ve built into our local hunting communities, and get more women — and kids and men — into the field. Programs like Becoming an Outdoors Woman, the NRA’s Women on Target and the NWTF’s Women in the Outdoors are out there to help us do it.

In terms of parting words, I thought I’d leave you with an interview I did last January for the Wisconsin Public Radio Show “To The Best Of Our Knowledge.” We talked about being a female hunter and some of my own personal field experiences, and I hope you enjoy it.

This country has a great history of women hunters, and every time we step into the woods as responsible sportsmen who value habitat conservation, healthy game meat and the importance of passing it on, we do our part to advance that tradition. Good luck and good hunting. –Kimberly Hiss