Bowhunting photo

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There’s little doubt that modern compounds are the most efficient shooters ever produced. But just how do they manufacture the thousands of bows demanded by hunters and shooters every year? The video below gives a peek at the process from the Bow Tech factory, and I found it highly entertaining.

Obviously there are no big trade secrets divulged here. You won’t learn the exact materials of Bow Tech limbs or how cams are designed, but many of the processes used by the company to produce hundreds of bows in a single day are shown. As a guy who has trouble whittling a toothpick from a willow stick, I was wowed by the process.

My cousin is a bowyer who makes recurve bows that are as deadly in the woods as they are gorgeous. A few years back, Mark guided me as I rebuilt a set of limbs for a take-down recurve I own. It was an exhaustive, time-intensive, and ultimately satisfying process that heightened my respect for folks who can transform a block of wood into an awesome hunting tool. The machinery used to produce Bow Tech compounds is even more complex and, in my mind, equally impressive. Hope you enjoy the show!