Discussion Topic: Idaho Website Posts Names Of Successful Wolf Hunters

From the Idaho Statesman:
Rick Hobson, a Boise wolf advocate, used a public records request to get the names of hunters who reported wolf kills to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Hobson posted 122 names and bought a classified ad in the Idaho Statesman that directed people to a Web site.

He said harassment was not his intent. . . .

But Robert Millage, Idaho’s first successful wolf hunter, said he’s been dealing with harassment since he killed a wolf on the opening day of the season in September. . . .
Millage countered with a Web site of his own to show some of the thousands of angry e-mails he’s gotten. Some describe him as an “inbred hillbilly,” a “sick killer” and “pure evil. . . .”

“I have some concerns over the safety of the individuals listed,” said hunter John Hendley, who didn’t harvest a wolf last year and isn’t on the list. “What (Hobson) is doing is legal on one hand, but immoral on the other.”

Millage is better known to all of you on this site as “idahooutdoors,” and he shares his story in depth in our upcoming March 2010 issue. Be sure to check it out.

Meanwhile, check out the full story linked above and tell us your reaction.