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A 19-year-old hunter in Iowa accidentally shot another hunter in the chest with a shotgun while firing at a deer that he says ran between them on Sunday. It looks like he’s going to make it, but here’s an opportunity for every hunter of every experience level to review the basics of gun safety. If you aren’t certain of what’s behind your target, don’t fire.

From this story in the Chicago Tribune:
A Boone man has been hospitalized after being shot while hunting deer in Boone County.
A release from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says 27-year-old John “Randy” Roberts was shot in the chest with a shotgun about 10 a.m. Sunday. He was flown to a Des Moines hospital with an injury believed to be non-life-threatening.
_State officials say Roberts was shot by 19-year-old Austin McBirnie, of Boone, who was part of a group hunting along the Des Moines River between Madrid and Luther. The Natural Resources department says McBirnie was shooting at a deer that had run between him and Roberts.