Panfishing photo

True story. Two Saturdays ago I was flyfishing a local trout stream and mosied up to a slow stretch of water with some downed trees and a deep hole. I was thinking I might be able to yank a big brown off the bottom, so I started stripping a heavy sculpin right through the silt. Second cast…wham! It was a decent hit, but I knew it was no huge brown. Instead I reeled in a fat 12-inch yellow perch. Not only did I have no idea any yellows even lived in this stream, it was one of the biggest I’ve ever caught, and the only I’ve ever caught on the fly (I’m still mad I didn’t take a photo). Then today, up pops the video below, freshly posted to the Youtubes. Granted, it was filmed over in Europe, but still, are we missing something here? Those perch are mammoths and I’m sure somewhere in the U.S. exists a similar scenario that would make a nice 4-weight fly-fishery. Anyone ever tried targeting yellows on the fly?