Shotguns photo

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One of the kids on our trap team was asking me about ammo the other day. Even though they are high schoolers, they sometimes ask questions at the Sesame Street level:

“Mr. Bourjaily, are there purple shotgun shells?”

“Fiocchis are lavender, Michael. That’s close to purple.”

“But are there any really purple ones?”

“Well, some of the Italian B&P shells are royal blue – like the Lakers wear – so that’s purple. They are also the best-looking shells in the world.”

With the possible exception of some lacquered paper 2-inch English Gamebores I have and can’t bring myself to shoot, B&Ps are the best looking shells I have ever seen. They have also broken piles of targets in Olympic competition. And, they are a compelling reason to take my shotgun quiz, which you can take by clicking here.

It is a fine quiz, full of enlightening knowledge about shotguns, ammunition and shotgun games, only a small portion of which I made up. Also – and this is the good part – the quiz is on the same page as an entry to the Baschieri & Pellagri sweepstakes, in which you stand to win B&P gift cards in amounts up to $1000. And, since the main thing to spend a B&P gift card on is their ammo, it’s a very good deal.