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When Field & Stream kicked off the Conservationist blog five years ago, Hal Herring was a key part of our strategy. We knew that the Alabama native and Montana resident possessed a keen ability to understand how profoundly conservation laws and initiatives affect American sportsmen, and could write about that relationship convincingly, compellingly, and without condescension.

Herring’s vast knowledge and great love of the nation’s wilds, and his ability to instill the same passion in others, at a time when so many of our lands and waters are at risk, perfectly define the name and the purpose of this blog.

Last week, Ducks Unlimited recognized this and Herring’s other great contributions to conservation journalism by awarding him the 2015 Wetland Achievement Award for Communications.

“Ducks Unlimited is pleased to recognize him for a lengthy and extraordinary job of covering sportsman’s issues, water quality and quantity issues, habitat loss from the prairies to the Gulf Coast and other conservation-focused topics,” said DU Chief of Conservation Paul Schmidt.

Herring sees his work as a service: “Conservation writing and reporting to me has always been just a conversation I have with people who love to fish and hunt as much as I do. I wander around, read everything I can, talk with as many smart and enthusiastic people as I can, and bring back what I find to all the people who I know are interested, but are too busy doing other things to research it like I can.”

We congratulate Herring for winning this outstanding and well-earned award.