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One of the many things movies get wrong about firearms is how loud they are when fired in enclosed spaces. People in the movies shoot guns inside rooms, inside cars, inside elevators, and no one so much as flinches.

In real life, of course, gunfire can be literally deafening. Which brings me to my point: we talked about hearing protection on the range and in the field but I had never considered hearing protection for home defense – a topic I don’t think much about – until last week.

The topic came up when I finally took a concealed carry class. It was just basic certification to take the test, but the instructor occasionally digressed. At one point he mentioned that he kept a handgun, a light and a pair of electronic ear muffs – the kind that amplify sound until a loud impulse shuts off the microphones – next to his bed. The ear muffs, he said, would give him a tactical advantage over anyone in the house should there be an exchange of gunfire.

Although I have no experience shooting guns inside with the exception of hunting out of roofed duck blinds, the idea made sense to me. Hearing protection not only protects your hearing (which may not be your primary concern if it’s truly a matter of life and death) but it could also give you an important edge considering just how loud and disorienting the report of a gun will be if you ever fire it inside your house.