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Many of our transactions with commerce involve rage, frustration, language barriers, incomprehensible messages, and vows of revenge. So it’s with distinct pleasure that I’m able to report on a recent transaction that was at the opposite end of the spectrum. It involved Brownell’s, and may I say, my fellow Americans, that if Brownell’s went out of business I would drive to the nearest river, jump in, and be carried out to sea where I would be eaten by lobsters, which certainly is a switch. But I digress.

Anyway, this summer I’m shooting F-Class TR, which means Tactical Rifle, which means I get to shoot off a bipod up front and a sandbag in the rear. The problem is that the bipods you use for hunting and bushwhacking are not nearly stable enough for F-Class. There’s no shortage of much better bipods, but they cost from $200 to well over $400, so one does not want to make a mistake, does one?

Sinclair was recommended to me by one of the F-Classers who can shoot rings around me, and that company makes two: a 3rd Generation F-Class Bipod and a Tactical Bipod that is smaller and a lot less bulky. Which to buy? So I called Brownell’s and gave the first part of my order to one of the nice ladies whose first language is English, and not Spanish or Tamil or Tagalog, and asked to be switched to a tech who could explain the mysteries of competition-grade bipods.

As it turns out, the only tech available did not shoot F-Class and could not help, so he switched me back to the nice English-speaking lady who said, “I can transfer you direct to a tech at Sinclair. Here’s your order number. When you’re done at Sinclair, they can transfer you back here. Give the number to any operator and you can pick up right where you left off.”

And that’s what happened. The tech at Sinclair knew exactly what I needed to know and gave me a very frank, detailed answer (It was the F-Class bipod that I wanted.), and transferred me back to Brownell’s where I gave a new operator my number and finished in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.
Color me impressed. May they all live a thousand years.